Rudas Baths

The Rudas turkish baths were built during the 16th century, retaining a strong Islamic style to today. With a great emphasis on tradition, the bath operates separate men and women only days during weekdays in the turkish bath section. Facilities include a wide range of pools, a sauna world, a wellness department and a rooftop panoramic pool overlooking the Danube and the pulsating city.
HUF 3,400
per person
About this activity
  • Opening hours
    Monday - Friday 6:00 - 18:00
    Saturday - Sunday 7:00 - 19:00
    Night bathing on Saturdays between 21:00 - 02:00
  • Thermal, swimming pools and turkish baths
  • Sauna world with different hot air chambers
  • Sky terrace and Spa for private bathing as well
  • Cocktail bar on the rooftop
  • Restaurant on-site serving quality dishes
  • Offers medical and beauty treatments
Meeting point
Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013
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